Dr. Trish Adams

Artist & Arts Researcher

‘dolly 00121’

DVD, 2003
Soundtrack: roundhouse

 “dolly 00121” references the short life of Dolly the cloned sheep, contemporary developments in biotechnology and a futuristic factory assembly line that produces replicated human “dollies”. The ‘dollies” resemble paper cut-outs of handholding girls from childhood craft classes however; here they are inflected with a dualistic configuration of the female as machine – both productively and reproductively. Their hybridity and ambiguous relationship with machines hints at cyborgian outcomes in the biological sciences when humanness may be a matter of degree…

The videomicrograph time-lapse cellular image date shows fibroblast cells from Trish Adams’ forearm undergoing ‘apoptosis’ (induced cell death) in the laboratory. The image data has been digitally modified, recontextualised and combined with 3D animation footage. It forms part of Adams’ aesthetic enquiry into contemporary biomedical engineering’s implications and effects on expressions and representations of corporeality.