Dr. Trish Adams

Artist & Arts Researcher

Creatures of the Future Garden

Just drawing your attention to an opening this week – for any of you in the Perth area I have a work: HOST, showing in this exhibition


A garden can be a place of contemplation, cultivation or control. In a world of increasing urbanisationand biotechnical advancement what will the future be? What roles will the creatures in it -human and non-human play?

Curated by Donna Frankllin, participating artists: Geoge Gessert, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Angela Singer, Trish Adams, Svenja Kratz, Tarsh Bates, Donna Franklin, Kirsten Hudson, The Made Generation Collective, Gary & Suzie Cass, Jesse Brown, Nicholas Lozanovski & Sasha Whittle.

Thursday 21st June 5pm

Spectrum Project Space

Building 3, room 3.194

Edith Cowan University.



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