Dr. Trish Adams

Artist & Arts Researcher

Disordered Swarming in TOXICITY, Winnipeg

Opening next week in Winnipeg is the TOXICITY exhibition curated by Dr Melentie Pandilovski: http://www.toxicitywinnipeg.com/exhibition/

I’m very please to say that my new video installation: Disordered Swarming will be showing as part of this event.

Disordered Swarmingis an extension of my previous work Urban Swarming, shown @ MOP gallery last June, however Disordered Swarming directs its focus specifically to the endangered status of the honeybee due to the toxic effects of Colony Collapse Disorder:


Because Disordered Swarming uses ubiquitous QR Code technology it can be accessed via the internet so, even if you are not in Winnipeg, you can still participate on your mobile phone by following the link:


An image of ‘burr comb’, which bees make in odd locations. As you can see it is distorted and irregular in shape & to me symbolises the damage being done to the bee communities.

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