Dr. Trish Adams

Artist & Arts Researcher

‘machina carnis’


‘machina carnis’ involves both cutting-edge scientific stem cell research and an interactive installation. It aims to probe the role of interactive new media art in crossing the consciousness divide.

Collaborating with a leading scientist in the field of Biotechnology, in the laboratory environment, Trish Adams cultured stem cells from her blood using a unique chemical formula that modified their development in order to convert them into cardiac cells which matured, clustered and began to beat. Adams considered that using her own stem cells was vital for developing viewer identification and empathy with the cellular image data to be used later in the installation. It also created a unique model where she became a “human guinea-pig” and was both the subject and the object of the research.

The subsequent immersive installation: machina carnis, incorporates the digital videomicrograph image of Adams’ cells in a multi-layered interactive installation. Interactive technologies and a modified stethoscope are programmed for participant use. Viewers are encouraged to participate and engage with the installation; thus completing the artwork through their individual interactions and generating outcomes that involve their own “body machine”. 


 Credits: Stills Photography & Video by Ben Wikes